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If you are looking for a quick video guide, please check it out here:

The video guide explains step by step installation instructions, survey creation, invitations and reports. Since I am not a native English speaker, my language is not perfect but tried to explain all features in detail. Any help would be much appreciated, please contact me on contact us page or on forum.

Quick Guide

  1. Download the main component file and install it just like any other Joomla extension. See below documentation for installation instructions of a Joomla extension.
  2. Now go to Components->Community Surveys on your administrator site
  3. Click Options button on toolbar
  4. Check the permission settings for each user group.
  5. Click on configuration tab (for CS v2 only) and check the configuration options, save at least once.
  6. Now create a menu item for Community Surveys home page layout and Community Surveys user layout. If you are new to this, please read the below documentation.
    If you would like to allow public users to take survey, you must set the permissions on your menu item to public. However you need not display the menu item on front-end. You can simply add the menu item to a dummy menu and publish the menu using a menu module with Special access permissions (Special permissions for module but not menu)
    • You can create survey from administrator site itself it you are using CS v3.1.0 or above. Earlier versions allows creation of survey from front-end only.
    • Back-end survey creation is straightforward. Just go to Surveys page and click New button on toolbar. Follow the steps thereafter. You can invite users of the survey from Surveys page itself.
  7. Now you can access the front-end. If you have given the create survey permission for your user group, you can see create survey button. Click and follow the instructions to create your first survey.
  8. Once you create the survey, click Finish button on questions creation page, your survey is published and ready to accept the responses. You can invite users from the invite page or manually copy and send url using your favorite email client. For public surveys, users can directly access the survey from survey menu.
  9. You can find the quick links to edit survey, invite and reports pages just beside the survey link on My Surveys tab.

What are the ways to display a survey?

  1. Using main component: Survey Home Layout menu item by default lists the public surveys in Surveys home page. Users can click and take survey right away.
  2. Using provided menu item: Create Survey Response Layout menu item to display the survey in a page. Please create surveys home layout menu item as well as it is mandatory.
  3. Using mod_surveyform module: To display survey in a module position. To display survey in a Joomla article, use loadposition short code to load the module inside an article:
  4. Using unique urls: Invite users from invite page or manually send Survey URL/Unique URLs and users can take survey using those urls. Survey Home Layout menu item should be created, though not needed to be displayed on front-end.