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CjForum is a Joomla extensions to build community discussion forums and provides tools to create community engagement through social tools such as user profiles, awarding points, providing activity stream of user activity, human friendly avatars.

Advantage of CjForum over other free/paid forum extensions

  • Unlike other forum extensions, CjForum built on the basics of Joomla! MVC design and it strictly adhers to Joomla design principles and standards. This makes CjForum a perfect tool to integrate into your Joomla!.
  • CjForum uses most of the Joomla APIs and reduces unnecessary duplication of coding. For example, CjForum categories are built on Joomla Category API, Tags on Joomla Tags API, layouts uses Joomla sharable layouts etc. This makes CjForum extremely maintainable and customizable.
  • CjForum is not just a forum extension but also provides most required social features such as avatars, user profiles, points system, activity stream etc. And the best part is these are not mandatory. If you are using other Joomla! social extensions such as JomSocial/EasySocial, you can use their avatars/profile/points/activity features with the provided configuration options. If you are a developer, CjForum comes with easy to use API for integrating your own extensions with it.
  • CjForum built on latest Joomla! 3.x APIs and does not include any legacy code to support previous versions. So the code is clean, simple and no overhead added.
  • We have a well maintained and useful components in our portfolio and we will provide integration for them with CjForum. So if you are using any of the corejoomla extensions, you are on right track as well.

Migration from other extensions

CjForum comes with a couple of migration tools
Kunena - Topics, replies, user profile, avatar, thank you etc.
CjBlog - User profiles, points system

For site administrators

CjForum Changelog
Installing and configuring CjForum
Setting up user points for various activities
Configuring user ranks
Customizing category image and icon
Custom module positions in CjForum
Tags which can be used in email templates
Configure Search Engine Friendly URLs for CjForum
Moderating posts in CjForum
Reporting/Flagging posts in CjForum
CjForum Joomla! articles integration
Configure CjForum personal messaging (PM) system

For developers

Retrieve one or more user profiles
Link user names to CjForum user profile in your component
Using CjForum user avatars in your component
Award points to users using CjForum Points System
Using CjForum activity stream
Extending CjForum using plugin events
Extending CjForum user profiles with custom profile fields

For designers

Overriding CjForum layouts

Other common topics

Frequently Asked Questions
Setup automatic updates for corejoomla extensions
Setup cronjob to trigger emails automatically
Extending component shareable layouts
How to translate date strings